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Oh Baby

Lisa Christie

There is nothing more special than after having raised your own children ... who are now giants .. your sister having a baby. My absolute best friend is having her own little person. 
I could not be more excited, she has so much to look forward to. Those feelings, those cuddles, that love. Not even I can explain this to her. 

It's definitely inspired me towards the craze of the baby nursery & everything that comes with it! Everything I style now is baby related! Ha ... well everything for her!

A beautiful baby shower for her this weekend and a little nursery that's slowly coming together. Then, I'm to start all over again when 'he' or 'she' arrives ... so it's not so neutral! I will happily style for her baby forever. 

Luckily for her we have so many things in the store that really work with a baby nursery - make sure you check them out. If your baby is big or small there will be something sweet to lift their room or store their teddies & their textas!!

Please forgive me for the baby overload ... I'm not sure I have even really begun! 


Lisa Christie

Life is so crazy already and it is only May! If you can already see the end of the week before we even start like I can, click through to the shop & have your Mothers Day gift wrapped and delivered to you. We can deliver it to your desk at work, your home or even to your Mum! A nice little selection here to suit your Mum for her special day! Happy Shopping! Lisa xxx


Mothers Day! 

Mothers Day!

Lisa Christie

And all of a sudden ... it's MAY! Mothers Day is right around the corner & for your very special MUM (or you) we will have a giveaway coming to you very soon so keep a look out!!!

Mothers Day is one of the most special days on the calendar to celebrate. All of us women know that we pretty much wear all of the hats, all day every day! I think for me one of the biggest reminders of this day is that someone still does this for me even now that I am nearly 40! My Mum wears all of the hats, she always has and with mine she only knows how to go over and above.

To think I'll still be running around for my daughter in 30 years time like she does is a big reminder of how many years you are taken care of by your Mum xx  

We will have lots of Mothers Day gift ideas for you to purchase, love and share! So many of our beautiful items would put a smile on any Mum, Nan, New Mum or Gran! 

I promise to add a beautiful giveaway any day now ... cause I am not sure you can spoil Mum too much! 



New Competition !

Lisa Christie

I love Easter ... I love the fun of to all! It's not as crazy as the other holidays but boy does it creep up on us! I have a beautiful Easter Inspired gift to give away ... check our Facebook page for updates to see how insane these goodies are! And how many items you can win in the one baskte! Happy Easter xx 


The New Range

Lisa Christie

Bursting to post the new range! The online Studio has branched into sweaters for so many reasons! One being I LOVE these & live in them myself, the other being the colours and the tones. I love playing with what works in the colour factory and for me anything bright and fun and all mixed in screams my style. I can have the most high end living room completed for a client and still find a way to throw in some brights! It can often become a far more inviting space.

Sometimes there is a hint of neon and sometimes there is a hint of pastel and sometimes there is both! I use all of these in my interiors when I am styling. These tones in your home style (or on your back) are always welcome in my designs.

Even more exciting news .... my own range is in production! Stay tuned !!!

Shop online for your favourite sweat, just hit the shop button up top! All sizes available & ready to be delivered.


Lisa xx 

Styling Tips & Tricks

Lisa Christie

Coming into the silly season everyones always desperate for new home decorating ideas! I put this little living room design together with a bunch of our room decor from the store to show you how simply you can create designer spaces around your home. Interior home design can simply be a rambling collection of things you love & for no other reason other than you are potentially just obsessed with a certain color palette. 

To me the best interior spaces are the ones that tell a story. This living room screams my favorite tones and colors at the moment & by using a hint of brushed brass it lends itself to the season we are about to scream into! Beautiful space for all of your entertaining leading into Christmas & before you know it, it will be time to add a few decorations making one magical everyday space all about Christmas! 

Love Lisa xx


On the blog today .....

Lisa Christie

Our new store has had such a beautiful response & we have only just begun! What we hope to bring you by having jumped into the Online Store (madness) world, is a collection of stunning homewares, lifestyle products and styling items that will become talking points in your home! They are very carefully selected to encourage a sense of ease so that when you include some of our products, you will simply be able to brighten any space without having to be a stylist yourself!! Tips, tricks and creative ideas can be found here ..... so keep an eye out!! 

Recently our two most popular items were used in a styling shoot for Adairs. One lucky little miss ended up with a room that looked just like this! Who would have thought how badly we now need a Giant Giraffe and a Giant Tamborine in our lives! These items are the talking points I refer to earlier ... I don't see many things in peoples homes that pop like this!! 

Both available online ... & make sure you check out the Giraffes best mate ... Mr Gold Rhyno! 

Love Lisa