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The New Range


The New Range

Lisa Christie

Bursting to post the new range! The online Studio has branched into sweaters for so many reasons! One being I LOVE these & live in them myself, the other being the colours and the tones. I love playing with what works in the colour factory and for me anything bright and fun and all mixed in screams my style. I can have the most high end living room completed for a client and still find a way to throw in some brights! It can often become a far more inviting space.

Sometimes there is a hint of neon and sometimes there is a hint of pastel and sometimes there is both! I use all of these in my interiors when I am styling. These tones in your home style (or on your back) are always welcome in my designs.

Even more exciting news .... my own range is in production! Stay tuned !!!

Shop online for your favourite sweat, just hit the shop button up top! All sizes available & ready to be delivered.


Lisa xx