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Oh Baby

Lisa Christie

There is nothing more special than after having raised your own children ... who are now giants .. your sister having a baby. My absolute best friend is having her own little person. 
I could not be more excited, she has so much to look forward to. Those feelings, those cuddles, that love. Not even I can explain this to her. 

It's definitely inspired me towards the craze of the baby nursery & everything that comes with it! Everything I style now is baby related! Ha ... well everything for her!

A beautiful baby shower for her this weekend and a little nursery that's slowly coming together. Then, I'm to start all over again when 'he' or 'she' arrives ... so it's not so neutral! I will happily style for her baby forever. 

Luckily for her we have so many things in the store that really work with a baby nursery - make sure you check them out. If your baby is big or small there will be something sweet to lift their room or store their teddies & their textas!!

Please forgive me for the baby overload ... I'm not sure I have even really begun!